2012/12/12:: The Leadership and Positive Attitude Development Training Programme is now Available.

2012/03/28:: NODES in collaboration with Institute of Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka have successfully completed their English Examination online.

2012/02/14:: NODES has started to collaboration of academic related activates such as online examinations with Institute of Chartered Accounts Sri Lanka.

2012/02/11:: First Seminar for UoC-BIT programme was conducted on Information Systems and Technology at 12 Locations Island wide.

2012/02/04:: NODES has participated in the Nation’s Biggest Exhibition “දැය‍ට කිරුළ - ආශ්චර්යයේ පුනරාගමනය” at Oyamaduwa Anuradhapura.

Welcome to the Leadership Training Programme

National Online Distance Education Service (NODES) is an initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education. The NODES is an entrepreneurial, self-sustaining, national agency to coordinate delivery of online distance education programmes.

One outcome of NODES is the means to develop Online Distance Learning (ODL) institutions and a means for delivering ODL throughout the country, and provides expertise and facilities for curriculum development through its Content Development Unit (CDU). NODES services provide through public and private institutions can deliver online education and training courses to students across Sri Lanka and overseas.

Leadership and Positive Attitude Development Training Programme will be

conducted in Three batches. Batch schedule is mentioned below.

Batch Start Date End Date
1st Batch 07/09/2014 27/09/2014
2nd Batch 04/10/2014 24/10/2014
3rd Batch 30/10/2014 19/11/2014
4th Batch 25/11/2014 15/12/2014 4th batch details published

For the students who received letters to the University Registration:
Please do not worry if you are selected to the Leadership Programme and received a letter for university registration at the same period. We have already informed the universities regarding Leadership Programme. Universities will arrange suitable procedures for your registration or you can register within one week after completion of the Leadership Programme.

Important: Please do not worry, if you are selected to this intake of Leadership programme and you did not receive a letter yet. Letter and the slip can be printed from here. Take those two printed letters with your NIC. Since Ministry of Higher Education already sent your details to the relevant centers you will be accepted with printed letter, slip and the NIC. To print the slip click on the print button.

Important Message

Message from His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksha the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

It is a great pleasure for me, to extend my warm greetings and best wishes to the Ministry of Higher Education for taking this timely step towards the implementation of a Pre-orientation Programme for the new Entrants to Universities.



Message from the Minister of Higher Education


The underlying theme of the ‘Mahinda Chintana’ Policy Statement of 2005 is to make Sri Lanka the knowledge hub of Asia. According to the new higher education policy reforms imposed by the Ministry of Higher Education the primary step to achieve the above...


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